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Centrum rodových štúdií pri Filozofickej fakulte Univerzity Komenského - Gender Studies Centre Bratislava

Homepage of the Gender Studies Centre Bratislava

Read more about the DP at the EQUAL Common Database Centrum rodových štúdií pri Filozofickej fakulte Univerzity Komenského

The project will lead to increasing gender sensibilization and skills in application of Gender Mainstreaming on purpose of eliminating existing barriers of real gender equality. The theoretical and practical base will be established, as well as effective mechanism to increase chances of involved groups to find positions in labour market and sensibilization of employers in implementing Gender Mainstreaming. Considering low level of gender sensibilization in society and absence of gender education, there is great need in the whole system of public and civil education to implant and implement education about gender studies.

The project is focused on creating innovative concept of education in area of equal opportunities of women and men as necessary tool for eliminating existing inequalities in labour market. The base for creating the educational concept will be the research and analyses of gender perception and gender stereotypes at universities and in practise. The created educational concept will then be verified and tested through pilot educational models at the level of universities and gender trainings for employers and unemployed. Important part of the project will also be the establishment of „Summer School of Gender Studies“.

National Partners involved:

Centrum rodových štúdií pri Filozofickej fakulte Univerzity Komenského

Pedagogická fakulta UK Bratislava - Ústav humanitných štúdií

Vysoká škola výtvarných umení - Inštitút umenia a vedy (Sekcia multimédií)

Homepage of EQUAL Slovakia

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