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[edit] Gender Index

Webpages of the Polish DP Gender Index in Polish language

The main purpose of the project is to work against women’s discrimination in the labor market by increasing employers’ awareness and concerns in managing gender equality within companies’ environment.

The Gender Index aims at elaborating an equal treatment indicator relating to the situation of women and men in the workplace. Developed by a group of experts the indicator will be an original and innovative tool of monitoring the women’s situation in the workplace. Every research conducted in companies with the help of this instrument will give an objective and detailed analysis of the way in which an employer formulates and implements his/her gender equality policy. Offering managers a direct and complete insight into their human resources policies from the perspective of gender, Gender Index will help them identify their failures and recent successes as well as advise required enhancements. The constructed methodology will be used to examine the employees’ situation in certain Polish corporations within the structure of national competition for a corporation with the best strategy for women.

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Gender Index

National Partners Involved:

United Nations Development Programme

Derm-Service Pologne

Feminoteka Foundation

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Intarnational Forum for Women

Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan (PKPP Lewiatan)

Warsaw School of Economics

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