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Globalisation is a highly complex phenomenon influencing most spheres of life. One aspect among many others are world wide migration movements which lead not least to an increased heterogeneity and diversity within the host societies. This requires the development and implementation of strategies and measures contributing to social integration. The process of economic globalization has a ambigious impact on gender equality: whereas on the one hand, through the opening of the labour market there are potentially more chances for women available. At the same time, however, most women remain in the lower strata of the occupational hierarchy.

As regards the concepts of Diversity and Gender Mainstreaming, both approaches are more and more influenced by global developments and debates at the scientific and political level.


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The article "Gender und Globalisierung" by Christine Lemke deals with gender issues in international politics as well as with the economic impacts of globalisation. Moreover, a broad range of topics related to gender and globalisation is covered, such as trafficking in human beings, global governance and political scope of action.

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