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[edit] Welcome to the Gender and Diversity knowledge system

The international knowledge system on diversity and gender diversity was developed by the European EQUAL Development Partnerships "Berlin DiverCity" (Berlin) and the transnational partnership "Pro(e)quality" between 2005 and 2007.

The knowledge system comprises general data and background information and theory on gender and diversity issues as well as practical experience, working tools and strategies - good practice - of implementing gender mainstreaming and diversity management applied by the partners in the German and the transnational development partnerships and beyond. Since January 2008 the system is accessible to the general public in a read only modus. If you want to contribute or edit an article you need to register and obtain a user account.


[edit] Aktuelles

Integration und Migration – Ein Wegweiser für Berlin
Das umfangreiche Adressenverzeichnis des Integrationsbeauftragten ist jetzt in 4. Auflage neu erschienen. Um einem möglichst breiten Benutzerkreis raschen Zugriff auf die Datensammlung zu ermöglichen, wurde das Adressverzeichnis als elektronisches Dokument aufbereitet, und steht auf der Website des Integrationsbeauftragen zum Download bereit.

Zum Download Website des Integrationsbeauftragten


[edit] Politics and Society

The advent of the concepts and discussion of diversity can be traced back to a variety of social, demographic, economic and political developments in recent years and on a global scale ... Portal


[edit] Companies and Organisations

Analysis of literature and practice shows an increasing dissemination of diversity management in Europe for the last years... Portal


[edit] Knowledge Transfer

This resource centered area covers a wide spectrum of topics and practical information, figures and tools relevant to gender mainstreaming, diversity and diversity management... Portal

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