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[edit] Tutorials

Wikipedia tutorial

Deutschsprachige Hilfeseiten(de)

[edit] Introduction

  • Reading and editing of texts is only allowed to registered users
  • New and/or changed articles are to be found under "Recent Changes”
  • Our main page is „DiverCityWiki-Portal“  ???????
  • The most appropriate place to test your formatting is the „Sandbox“  ??????????

[edit] Editing of Texts

  • Before editing a new text, please read the guidelines
  • Nearly all articles may be edited
  • Either the whole text (button at the top of the page) or an individual paragraph may be edited
  • To test your changes, first, click the „Show Preview“ button.
  • Don’t forget to save your edits after previewing

[edit] Formatting

Texts are either formatted by using the buttons in the editor or directly during writing the text. The best is to test this in the „Sandbox“(“Playing Field”) section. In other articles, you will find various examples for formatting – as you click the "Edit“ button or, in case of non editable articles, click on the "Source Code" button.

[edit] Text formats

if you want to start a new line add these signs <br/>

and it looks like this: if you want to start
a new line add these signs

if you want a list add * at front of each point and it looks like this:

  • first point
  • second Point
  • third point

if you want a numeration add # at front of each point

and it looks like this:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

You create headings in using this sign =
= Heading=

and it looks like this:

[edit] Heading

[edit] subheading

[edit] subheading

You use the toolbar on top of the editor to make text bold
italics and bold

[edit] Links

You also use the tool bar to set links.
In the editor it looks like this: [[Internal link]]
Using the | makes it possible, to name a link different as it is shown.
In the editor it looks like this:
[[Help|Section Help]]
but in the text you see only
Section Help

You create external links in using the tool bar. You label the link in additing the name you want the link to have. URL, blank, name
Without labelling: [1] or with labelling: Mediawiki-Handbook

[edit] New Pages

Uploaded files and external links should not be linked out of text. Please list them at the bottom of the page.

[edit] Upload Files and Images

  • Images and other files may be uploaded through the menu ("Upload File") in the lower toolbox

It is allowed to upload:

  • Images in gif, png, jpg format
  • Office-Documents (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • PDF-Documents
  • Archive in ZIP-format

Please read the guidelines before uploading files.

[edit] Adding Images and Files to Articles

  • An image is added as a link Image:Filename: [[Image:Divercity-logo.jpg]]

=> and it looks like this: Image:Divercity-logo.jpg

  • A File is added as a link Media:Filename: [[Media:knowledge_management.ppt|WiMa-Präsentation beim transnationalen Treffen in Berlin]]

=> A link to a download will appear: Knowledge Management-Prasentation in Berlin

[edit] Discussion

  • For each page, a discussion section either already exists or it will be established by clicking the "Discussion" button
  • In contrast to forums, the discussion contributions of other authors can be edited
  • A signature will be generated by clicking the „Signature“ button in the editing modus: --Admina 14:12, 1. Feb 2006 (CET)

[edit] Directories

  • The directories being situated in the beginning of each page are automatically generated from the headings

[edit] Documentation

  • The Berlin-DiverCity-Wiki applies the Software Mediawiki. In Media Wiki Handbook you will find the answers to a variety of questions on formatting, maintenance and installation.
  • How do I format texts?[2]

[edit] Categories

Kategorien sind ein Instrument der vereinfachten Suche in einem WIKI. So wie man über die Portalseiten gezielt nach bestimmten Themen recherchieren kann, geht dies auch über die Kategorien. Klickt auf der Seite Kategorien eine der Kategorien an, so erhält man dort die Beschreibung dre Kategorie sowie alle Seiten, die dieser Kategorie zu geordnet wurden. Man ordnet eine Seite einer Kategorie zu, indem man im Bearbeitungsmodus an das Ende der Seite [[Kategorie: Name der Kategorie]] schreibt.

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