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Gender equality training is a learning situation designed so participants can become aware and get over gender-based stereotypes. Gender equality training aims at altering inequalities resulting from relations between men and women on an individual, institutional and social level by:

  1. providing skills and knowledge on gender-based stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination (e.g. identifying hidden, stereotype- and prejudice-based content transmitted in society about groups discriminated on the basis of gender),
  2. enabling participants to personally experience feelings typical for people experiencing discrimination,
  3. modelling antidiscriminatory attitudes,
  4. providing knowledge on national, international and EU documents and legal instruments relating to gender equality.

[edit] Source:

Acting PRO(E)QUALITY: Quality Standards for Gender Equality and Diversity Training in the EU (2007). Transnational product developed in the Pro(e)quality partnership established by as part of the EQUAL Community Initiative. Download:"Acting PRO(E)QUALITY" (pdf, en)

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