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[edit] Editing an article

We welcome you as an author in the transnational Gender-Diversity Wiki

When you wish to contribute something to the knowldge base, please remember that this is more than just a database, or a collection of lists with links and downloads. You can do that in the "Knowledge transfer" section, but in other areas ot the Wiki we would like to ask you to write a short text (article) about the matter of your choice. Each article should always be intelligable on its own, no matter from where you are directed to it (through links in the system). It can be just a complete short text or an abstract of a much longer or complex document or source of information.

[edit] Language

To ensure a maximum of user access the main language of this wiki is English. Headlines and navigation and main articles are presented in English. Individual articles and uploaded documents can be written in any chosen language, as long as the index links (which are automatically the names of the created article pages) and the headline of the article are in English so that everybody has a chance of knowing what's in this system.

After creating the index link or when offering a file download or when listing external links please always indicate the language unless it's English. Use the language shorts from the list below.

List of language shorts

  • de - German
  • pol - Polish
  • por - Portuguese
  • slo - Slovakian
  • eu - several languages of EU countries (Websites)
  • other abreviations you like to add

[edit] Additional Guidelines

Source information
Give people credit for their knowledge and contribute to quality and transparency standards in this wiki, quote your sources.
Create links and make it easy for users to find YOUR article
Once you have written your article you should link it to other pages and articles in the Wiki. Otherwise nobody will find your article. How to do that, read this article first:Hilfe: Links setzen
Please remember when writing an article to attribute categories to it. People will not find your article, if it is not categorized. How to do that, read this article first: Hilfe: Kategorien
A list of the currently used catgeories you find in the left navigation "toolbox" under the "Special pages"/
Links and Downloads
If you would like to link to the source or provide additional information, we like you to do read the short guideline we have created for you. Hilfe: Links setzen
Please remember this is not a file database. You should, if possible avoid loading up doc and ppp files, use jpg or pdf instead.
When you create the index link to access your uploaded file please remember to add the information in which language your file is written and file typ information by indicating the suffix,i.e.(de, pdf)
Comments and Changes
If you comment on an article in the discussion section don't forget your signature.
You can enter your signature by using the signature button in the editor Image:Wiki_Editor_signature_button.png or by typing the following: --~~~~.
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