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Deutsche Telekom, one of the biggest telecommunication providers in Europe, employs around 247,000 people. Around one-third of them work in subsidiaries and holdings outside Germany. For Deutsche Telekom respecting the different cultures and using their national specificities for securing success is just as important as developing a common identity.

Deutsche Telekom has developed its four pillar strategy by now focusing on the three main areas of growth in the industry - broad- band/landline network, business customers and mobile phones - and technical services.

Within the Deutsche Telekom Group the Diversity Department (at Head Quarters in the central department is responsible for the sub-project "Diversity Implementation" in the development partnership "Berlin DiverCity". This is where goals, strategies and regulations for the implementation of diversity management are laid down and pilot measures are undertaken and implemented for the overall group - both national and international.


[edit] Diversity implementation in an international group

Fundamental changes in our business environment, particularly demographic and cultural change as well as new statutory requirements like for instance the EU anti-discrimination directives and their respective transposition in the EU Member States, necessitate a re-examination, adjustment or supplementation of our action principles. Deutsche Telekom has responded to these challenges by introducing diversity as a management concept. This encompasses the recognition, esteem, inclusion and use of diversity as a way of responding to different situations and tapping the potential of employees, customers, and shareholders etc.

In an international group that brings together different cultures under one common roof and is active in a number of different business segments, variety and a respectful attitude towards diversity are the keys to the company's business success.

Furthermore, in introducing diversity management the group is giving a social commitment dimension to its business activities. Beyond entrepreneurial goals and tasks Deutsche Telekom feels it has a duty to the community. It, therefore, contributes to securing the future viability of society, in particular European integration and the further development of the technology location Germany.

In its Berlin DiverCity Telekom sub-project DT will implement the three main elements of the integrated action approach of the development partnership as a pilot project in Berlin. The different measures will be processed as good practice examples for other companies and institutions and then made available.

[edit] Implementation of a diversity strategy

Diversity management supports the creation of an innovative, efficient and quality-oriented corporate culture. The diversity policy approved by the Management Board of Deutsche Telekom is the foundation for implementation. The policy draws on the anti-discrimination guidelines and establishes a uniform definition of diversity within the group. The process of group-wide implementation of the diversity policy is accelerated through the sub-project at the Berlin location. One aspect of the sub-project involves developing a communication campaign to promote understanding of diversity and the group-wide diversity strategy at the Berlin location.

Various channels are used in this context in order to effectively communicate on all (hierarchical) levels. The customary media use (Internet/Intranet etc.) is supplemented by the use of workshops and other events which raise understanding of diversity by highlighting concrete potential. This and other measures aim to build on the diversity competencies of staff members and management. Furthermore, implementation encompasses the development and testing of diversity tools (e.g. a diversity self-assessment tool) in order to tap into the potential of diversity as well as the integration of diversity aspects into core corporate processes.


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Diversity Management bei der Deutschen Telekom (pdf, de)

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