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[edit] Youth mentoring programm - a blended mentoring programme

In order to support Human Resources marketing and to take account of future demographic developments, a youth mentoring portal and a blended mentoring programme are being developed and implemented in Berlin as a pilot project.

JUMP in MINT (youth mentoring portal in mathematics, IT, natural sciences, technology, energy and craft trades) supports pupils in their career orientation.

In the public domain of the portal all interested young people are offered information and learning modules in the areas communication and social skills. Furthermore, in a restricted access user section female pupils in particular are to be motivated to take up jobs in IT, natural sciences, craft trades and technology with the help of an IT-based mentoring programme. Mentees and mentors can come together in an informal virtual environment and talk to each other. In addition, the "tandems" can also meet face to face. Actual work- shops and excursions for all participants in the mentoring programme are organised in order to encourage a common exchange of experience.

Two groups consisting of 20 mentees will gradually head for the starting line over a period of 12 months. The mentees are female Berlin pupils, in particular female immigrants, in grade 8 at lower secondary schools and in grade 9 at grammar schools and comprehensive schools. The mentors are experts in MINT occupations. They have the necessary expert and other competencies in order to accompany and effectively support their mentees on their way towards a technical world traditionally dominated by men.

Thanks to the regional orientation of the mentoring project and the inclusion of companies, schools and universities, the partnership between the business community and educational circles is strengthened and sustainably anchored in society.

[edit] Downloads

JUMP in MINT Flyer (pdf, en)

JUMP in MINT Flyer (pdf, de)

complete report the 1. groupe JUMP in MINT (pdf, de)

schools concerned (pdf, de)

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