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"Implementation of Diversity Management in an international company" is the sub-project of Deutsche Telekom within the Development Partnership Berlin DiverCity in the EQUAL context. Through the introduction of diversity management, Deutsche Telekom links its activities with social commitment. Apart of its entrepreneurial goals, Deutsche Telekom is committed to the community and intends to contribute to social sustainability. In particular, this concerns the European integration process as well as the further development of the technological position of Germany. This is not least illustrated by the project participation in the Development Partnership Berlin DiverCity.

The sub-project of Deutsche Telekom is divided into three focal points covering the various aspects of the general objectives of the Developemnt Partnership:

  1. Diversity Management: Implementation of various pro-active measures at the economic, organisational and human ressources development level
  2. Innovative approaches of work & life balance as a contribution to the implementation of diversity strategies (based on collaboration with „local alliances“)
  3. Jugend-Mentoring-Portal: a (CSR-)project, realising the promotion of junior staff in the technical area by advising pupils as regards their career choices

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Deutsche Telekom Diversity Policy (pdf, en)

Diversity Management bei der Deutschen Telekom (pdf, de)

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