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Different Modules were developed:


[edit] Diversity for working women - blended learning programme

For working women with Human Resources responsibilities or those who plan or have already pursued in-company career advancement, FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin developed a modular blended learning programme that familiarises the participants with diversity and knowledge management strategies. By means of these additional skills women can build on and hone their individual competence profile and, at the same time, become important multipliers in the dissemination of diversity in Berlin companies and institutions.

[edit] Diversity in learning for teachers youth workers

Multiplier effects and a strengthening of individual performance skills result from special training and coaching offerings for teachers on the introduction of new forms of learning (e-learning, blended learning, online tutoring) in schools, developed by FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin (FCZB) in cooperation with wannseeFORUM- Wannseeheim für Jugendarbeit e.V. The innovative feature here is consideration of gender diversity aspects in order to accommodate children/adolescents from very different learning cultures.

[edit] Introducing diversity in (e-)learning environments - for high school students and teachers

In cooperation with Schulen ans Netz e.V, FCZB develops inter-cultural e-learning modules and online tutorials which pick up on the learning experiences of pupils with a migration background. The materials are developed for the platform "lift" and are to be used during classes as a learning support. "lift" is an e-learning platform designed specifically for pupils from immigrant communities.

In 2006 FCZB worked on the concepts for the first learning modules and in 2007 it will provide online-tutoring for these learning units.

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