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This subproject on "Diversity knowledge and competence management" is developed and implemeted by FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin e.V. (FCZB)

[edit] Subproject of the Development Partnership Berlin DiverCity

Diversity and the knowledge society - these terms draw attention to two central challenges for individuals, institutions and companies that will shape life and work in urban centers like Berlin in the future. Social involvement and labour market opportunities depend on the (self-)learning skills of people and the ability of private enterprises and institutions to change. This demands the willingness of every- body involved to welcome difference and diversity as positive development opportunities. In this context existing divisions on the labour market and unequal access to future-oriented know-how are tackled in the FCZB sub-project of the development partnership "Berlin DiverCity". In an innovative approach the project intends to provide integrative solutions of connecting the reality of diversity with the goal of broadening participation in the knowledge society: firstly the (occupational) performance skills of previously disadvantaged groups, e.g. female immigrants, are strengthened through appropriate offerings. At the same time, diversity approaches are disseminated in companies, institutions (e.g. schools) and organisations (non-profit bodies) whereby the structures and "cultures" of entrenched organisational patterns of behaviour are changed.

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