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[edit] Diversity Empowerment für Berliner Unternehmen und Institutionen

Mit Diversity Empowerment für Berliner Unternehmen und Institutionen in unterschiedlichen Kontexten und im Rahmen unterschiedlicher Aktivitäten der EP DiverCity Berlin beteiligt sich "Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V." an der Entwicklungspartnerschaft.

Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V. bietet ein modulares Diversity/Anti-Bias -Bildungsprogramm an. Eine Welt der Vielfalt bietet Diversity-Trainings an und führt diese seit Jahren international erfolgreich in Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Bildungsinstitutionen durch. Das modular aufgebaute Programm wurde vom A World of Difference Institute / New York, einer Forschungsstätte der Anti-Defamation League 1980 entwickelt und 1992 in einer adaptierten Fassung in Deutschland 1992 eingeführt. Seit 1994 werden in Berlin Trainerinnen und Trainer ausgebildet. Eine Welt der Vielfalt unterstützt Menschen in der Erweiterung ihrer Diversity-Kompetenz und macht sie zu Botschafter/innen einer gelebten Diversity-Kultur: an ihrem Arbeitsplatz, im Privaten, im öffentlichen Raum. Berlin wird DIVER-CITY!


[edit] Diversity Empowerment for Berlin companies, institutions and organisations

"Diversity Empowerment" of Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V. consists of a package of awareness raising, training and coaching measures which are developed for specific target groups and their needs. The target groups are educational bodies ranging from schools to universities, institutions and organisations in the private sector and public agencies.

Based on the experiences of the team spanning several years, a tried-and-tested action approach and a partially structured procedure, new formats are jointly developed with the cooperation partners of Berlin DiverCity and innovative approaches implemented in organisations and companies.

The overall goal of the seminars and workshops is to strengthen diversity competence. Diversity competence encompasses: raising awareness of our cultural filters aiming to promote an openness for any kind of difference; a theoretically and practically trained eye for diversity by means of which personal and institutional discrimination mechanisms can be identified and the potential lost through untapped resources defined; innovative and creative solutions to problems by means of which diversity can be positively shaped in one's own environment.

A diversity culture in which each individual's potential is recognised, esteemed and used is by no means a matter of course. Diversity has to be actively staged if it is not to be submerged in battles for resources or routines. In order to face up to this challenge, there is a need for trained diversity multipliers who inject life into the diversity principle: in companies, in training centres, in schools and universities, in public agencies, in NGOs, in municipalities, in districts, in neighbourhoods and on the street.

The modules and exercises in the Diversity Programme of Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V. in the following areas are used:

  • social identity and membership
  • diversity
  • language
  • cultural socialisation
  • prejudices and their impact
  • diversity scanning in the institutional context
  • case study examples
  • action planning

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