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Demographic studies confirm: over the next few years a disastrous shortage of skilled workers in technical and engineering occupations will emerge. Gender and diversity-oriented recruitment and Human Resources development strategies will, therefore, become increasingly important for the technology location Germany. New concepts are needed to attract young women into technical occupations and to tap into the existing potential of women with technical qualifications.

The example "Women in technical occupations" is used to examine key aspects of "diversity recruitment" and to develop action approaches which are then to be taken over as quality standards into a "diversity audit". The task of the project is to encourage and accompany diversity recruitment in three relevant action areas - in companies, technical universities and general schools. Furthermore, it is responsible for jointly developing and testing practice-oriented tools with partners.




Aktivitäten: In Kooperation mit der Technischen Fachhochschule Berlin bietet LIFE e.V. einen zweiteiligen Workshop für Professorinnen und Professoren der TFH an mit dem Titel Qualifiziert wahrnehmen und beurteilen.

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