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In order to achieve high acceptance and the greatest possible commitment to implementing gender and diversity-oriented Human Resources management by those involved in the process, LIFE e.V. works closely with Human Resources managers from companies. This co-operation focuses on the question of how innovations, new client groups and competitive advantages can be secured for companies through Human Resources development and recruitment focussing on diversity and through a work climate shaped by fairness and tolerance.

Activities: Training marketing: Review of existing marketing strategies of companies to attract more female trainees to technical occupations (e.g. websites and leaflets), trainees as technology ambassadors in schools, female skilled workers as mentors/experts, work placements for girls, in-company workshops for teachers and career guidance councillors. Application, selection and recruitment methods for trainees: analysis of existing procedures from the gender diversity angle, gender diversity checklists, training in recruitment interviews, gender and diversity competence training for vocational trainers and training managers. Human Resources development of female skilled and executive staff: development center to identify the potential for female skilled and executive workers, action-oriented sourcing of gender and diversity competencies, in-company gender and diversity competence training.

Our partners

Diversity Assessment: Deutsche Telekom AG: Developmentcenter

External link: Training marketing: S-Bahn Berlin

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