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[edit] Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity refers to all the ways in which people differ and in which people are similiar (age, ethnicity, gender, belief, sexual orientation, ability….). Diversity Management has been defined as inclusion of all groups at all levels in the company (Bryan, J.H. 1999).

A further definition of diversity management is: “It’s the art of capturing the 'diversity dividend' - the organisational benefits to be gained by meeting the needs of diverse groups - to maximise the organisation's potential, bringing significant benefits to internal and external stakeholders.” For the last years many studies, surveys and business cases in the USA, Europe and single European countries examined the state-of-the-art of diversity management in companies and organisations. Most of them confirmed the expected benefits in a reasonable way. So an European Commission survey reveals: “Diversity policies make good business sense say 83% of the companies who have adopted them.”

The study "Does Diversity Pay?: Racial Composition of Firms and the Business Case for Diversity," by Cedric Herring, professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, suggests that diversity produces tangible benefits for a business. According to his analysis, average sales revenues of organisations with low racial diversity were smaller than average sales revenues of organisations with medium and those with high diversity.

The reports also show that the implementation of diversity management need time, good analyses, smart aims and a tough management. And last but not least the measurement of the results is difficult. However companies’ and organisations’ diversity of staff and clients require the need for diversity management in the future. And Europe’s changing demographics like low birth rates, ageing population and shrinking workforce require many companies and organisations to consider new strategies in recruiting and human ressources development. Against this background diversity management is more than a temporary management fashion – it’s a need.

“Building an organisational competency in diversity management also generates far reaching benefits by contributing to the community and the organisation's capacity to engender cohesiveness. The attention to diversity can enhance a new, cultural bottom line for organisations based on service excellence, human productivity, competitive advantage and meaningful intercultural community relations.” [1]

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