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[edit] Pro(e)quality

The transnational EQUAL partnership Pro(e)quality was established in 2005 in the context of cooperation between several European EQUAL II Development Partnerships. Based on a Transnational Cooperation Agreement (TCA),it pursued the goal of systemic and structural changes related to gender segregation at the labour market. Partners from Austria, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia were represented in this transnational network of institutions, companies and organisations which work closely together in the development of common products with an impact on structural change.

[edit] Berlin DiverCity

Development Partnership "Berlin DiverCity" - German cooperation network. The EQUAL Development Partnership (DP) "Berlin DiverCity" (2005-2007)was a regional cooperation network which pursued the goal of contributing to mastering structural and demographic change in Berlin as well as the consequences of globalisation, of implementing anti-discrimination legislation in organisations and of strengthening civil commitment in the city. It consisted of four main partners: FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin e.V. (FCZB) (coordination), Deutsche Telekom, LIFE e.V., Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V..

[edit] Supplier Diversity Europe

Supplier Diversity Europe is a network that has been initiated and established by Migration Policy Group (MPG), currently comprising of multi-national companies such as Adecco, Deutsche Bank, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Morgan Stanley and others. Supplier Diversity is concerned with ensuring that all businesses, irrespective of their owner’s race, ethnicity, disability and gender, have the same opportunities to compete for the supply of goods and services as other qualified suppliers. A supplier diversity programme is a natural extension of an organisation’s employee diversity initiative and is an integral part of any corporate social responsibility programme.

[edit] The Diversity Charta in German Companies

In December 2006, the German companies DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche BP und Deutsche Telekom have signed a common "Diversity Charta". This initiative is supported by the German Government.

Die Charta der Vielfalt ist eine bundesweite Initiative von Unternehmen zur Verbreitung und Förderung von Vielfalt. Die Charta der Vielfalt wird von der Bundeskanzlerin unterstützt und ist bereits von vielen Unternehmen unterzeichnet worden. Lesen Sie das Grußwort der Bundeskanzlerin und weitere Informationen

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