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[edit] European NGOs

Fundamental Rights Agency

[edit] European Anti-Discrimination Council

The European Anti-Discrimination Council is an NGO dedicated to eliminate unjust discrimination in Europe. The work of the council includes, among others, the co-ordination of anti-discrimination efforts across Europe as well as regular professional and scientific analysis on current developments in this regard. Homepage of the European Anti-Discrimination Council

[edit] National NGOs

[edit] GERMANY

[edit] Deutscher Antidiskriminierungsverband e.V. (DADV)

The German Anti-Discrimination League is a member of the European Anti-Discrimination Council. A particular focus is on issues related to anti-discrimination and employment. The organisation provides both support and advise to victims of discrimination at the workplace as well as it offers counselling to employers.

[edit] Antidiskriminierungsverband Deutschland (advd)

In May 2007, the Anti-Discrimination Association Germany (advd) was established. The association comprises of independent anti-discrimination offices, NGOs and scientific institutions dealing with anti-racism and anti-discrimination from all over Germany. All mnember organisations can go back to long-term experiences in these fields at the local, regional and national level. By concentrating professional knowledge, resources and commitment, advd intents to contribute to an improved anti-discrimination culture in Germany.

[edit] Projekt Alif, Aleph, Alpha – Respekt ist der Anfang

Bildungsansätze zur Wertschätzung von religiöser und weltanschaulicher Vielfalt und zur Überwindung von Antisemitismus, Islamfeindlichkeit/ Islamophobie und Rassismus

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